Enkayse Impact Protection

Enkayse is a market leading impact closed cell foam used in head and body protection.
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  • Exceeds safety standards for head protection across temperature extremes
  • Outperforms Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) multiple times, recovering after impacts.
  • Safer, a lower "Delta-V" than any other legal helmet liner. 
  • Three core formulations - Duro, Active and Flex
  • Manufactured in a wide variety of formats to suit individual product needs
Used in the market leading Hedkayse ONE Helmet


Ultimate protection

  • Outstanding ventilation & multiple impact reliability whilst maintaining the weight and performance of traditional single use liners.

  • Unique design creates weight equivalent of 140 density, 75 “O” Shoare

  • 2m 100 Joule impact / 5.3kg headform / 25mm thick / average 190g across 3 temperature extremes with no degradation over 50 impacts

  • Lower Delta-V than any traditional impact liner.


Suitable for :

  • Snow and Ski - ASTM F2040 / EN-1077

  • Mountaineering - EN 12492

  • Equine - PAS015:2011 / ASTM F1163

  • Skateboarding - CPSC 1203

  • Cycling - EN-1078 / SNELL

  • American football - NOCSAE ND002 / ASTM F717

  • Lacrosse - NOCSAE ND041

  • Ice hockey - ASTM F1045

  • Cricket - BS7928:2013


All round protection and Comfort

  • Certified performance to work as a comfortable solution for everyday head safety. “Memory foam” properties ensure a superb fit.

  • Solid construction, 190 density, 45 “O” Shoare

  • 1.5m 75 Joule impact / 5.3kg headform / 30mm thick / 140g ambient impact with no degradation over 50 impacts

Suitable for :

  • Cycling - EN-1078 / SNELL

  • American football - NOCSAE ND002 / ASTM F717

  • Lacrosse - NOCSAE ND041

  • Ice hockey - ASTM F1045

  • Cricket - BS7928:20


Body application, extreme comfort and conformity

  • Highly flexible, 80 density, 15 ”O” Shoare,  excellent comfort and conformity to the body.

  • 1m, 50 Joule ambient impact / 5.3kg headform / 25mm thick / average 170g with no degradation over 50 impacts

Suitable for

  • Low-moderate risk for body and head protection

  • Medical applications such as epilepsy

  • Comfort pads

What's Next?

How we do business is different as we calibrate to your exact requirements. Our product evaluation study and prototyping process simplifies and validates potential from the start. Our testing facilities based at head office in the Harborough Innovation Centre and our partner, Loughborough University allow us to accelerate the design and certification process. Please contact us on info@enkayse.com or use the form below.

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